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Edition five of British Columbia Off the Beaten Path
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For travelers looking to avoid the crowd, this guide will help them discover the unique "must-see" attractions of British Columbia.

Go beyond the usual tourist attractions to discover such hidden treasures as the Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Park, Savary Island, the Doukhobor Village Museum and hundreds more unusual places waiting to be explored.

Whatever you do when you get to British Columbia, get off the highway-and take this book with you!

Devoted to travelers with a taste for the unique, this easy-to-use guide will help you discover the hidden places in British Columbia that most tourists miss - unsung, unspoiled, and out-of-the-way finds that liven up a week's vacation, a day trip, or an afternoon.

"Exceptionally well researched ... [A] superb guide to British Columbia's uncelebrated cultural and natural gems" The Bookwatch

Complete wih maps, index, illustrations, titillating trivia, and contact information.

Written by Tricia Timmermans. Published by
The Globe Pequot Press, 2005.

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